Presentation of our Karaoke software.
Already imitated but far from being equalled! To you to see.
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Karaokes in France

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Automatic software of video karaoke for restaurant, discotheque, pub, camping or disco-mobile
Handling guaranteed within one hour
Preview on the monitor screen
Compatible touch-sensitive screens monitors LCD and CRT
Audio player MP3, WMA (no DRM) and WAV 2 decks include
Automatic mode: it mix tickets karaoke and music alone
Customization of the display during timeouts by pictures or video.
Search for the title by only one reference

Edition of the catalog of titles by the software
No time lost, the loading is immediate
Compatible with VCD, SVCD, DIVX, MPEG, CD+G...
Easy and intuitive use for the "non-computer specialists"
Automatic management of tickets, with displaying the name/table and/or the singer's photo
Random generator of tickets
Reading of external files in the data base
12 software DSP include
Add your titles by rip of your DVD or by video digitalization
Menu of parameter setting hidden to avoid mistakes

Already 9 years of development and tests in real conditions

A security, we are professionals of the karaoke for several years.

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